SFMedical can provide BalanceWear® throughout Europe, but currently we only work closely with the Danish Public Health services (Local Municipality).
As the processes for having approved the BalanceWear® vests as an aid and achieving public funding vary from country to country, we can currently only ask patients, healthcare providers and physiotherapists from other countries in Europe to contact us directly.
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We do however already work with physiotherapists from other countries in Europe and we have a great deal of patients from abroad coming directly to Denmark to obtain BalanceWear® with great success.
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About BalanceWear®

BalanceWear® is a body-worn aid that provides a unique opportunity to conveniently utilize the resources of the nervous system, which due to a particular neurological disorder, are otherwise not readily available. It is possible to influence the plasticity of the nervous system in order to optimize the quality of the automated moving strategies, which are usually compensating and inappropriate due to instability and impaired postural control.

If you would like to be certified

If you as a physiotherapist would like to offer BalanceWear® you need certification. The certification is a 3 days course which consists of both theoretical and practical parts. The practical part is done both among the students and on patients. Within 2 months after the course you must hand in a case rapport, which need to be passed before being able to see patients for BalanceWear®. Cindy Gibson-Horn is the censor for the case rapports. Further, you will have to participate in 2 yearly follow-up days (1 day). 

Skodsborg Fysioterapi is the only certified in teaching in BalanceWear® outside of the US. The certification is DKK 6.500,- for 3 days course and DKK 1.500,- for 1 day follow-up course.
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About Skodsborg Fysioterapi

Skodsborg Fysioterapi is located within Kurhotel Skodsborg and has, since 1992, been owned by Jan Ove Myklebust. We are 25 experienced and professionally diverse therapists within one clinic, ensuring the proper treatment in all cases. We focus on totality in treatment based on the latest knowledge within the various methods of treatment. Skodsborg Fysioterapi is a partner in the national network FysioDanmark.


Skodsborg fysioterapi


Our certified physiotherapists and trainers are happy to come out and present a presentation, so you can get an insight into BalanceWear® and its ability. This lecture includes both theoretical review and practical demonstration of BalanceWear®. More information can be obtained by writing an email to:

Here’s what Vibeke wrote after we had held a lecture in the Sclerosis Association Northwest Jutland:
“Thank you for a really good and successful event on Wednesday. I have to say hello and say that it was a good experience for all the participants – the feedback we have received both in the local association and in physiotherapy is very positive. I think we even got the most critical skeptics convinced ;-)”