In the attached film we see Theresa. She got Cerebrospinal Ataxi in 2002. Theresa arrives in a wheelchair, but she is able to walk short stretches with a person under her arm. She suffers a lot of dizziness and is unable to stand with gathered feet, in addition she has pronounced scandalized speech. Today, with the vest, Theresa can walk without support, she can walk on stairs, the dizziness has improved significantly, she can perform ADL activities without the help of others, she can stand with her feet and her scanned speech is less pronounced.

Multiple sclerosis

In the attached film we see Belinda, a young MS patient. Her immediate statement was: “I do not have heavy emotional feelings in the body anymore”, “The best tool ever. I can get my body to do more things that I would normally do.”


In this movie we see Hanne. Hanne is suffering from a Polyneuropathy. Before BalanceWear® Hanne was falling in her bathroom and when walking down the stairs.