About us

BalanceWear® Scandinavia is a domain name owned by SFMedical. SFMedical has the rights to import and sell BalanceWear® in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Greenland. In November 2015, SFMedical entered into this agreement with the owner of BalanceWear® in the United States, Motion Therapeutics (MTI).


SFMedical is owned by Skodsborg Fysioterapi, which also has the rights to teach and certify physiotherapists in the use of BalanceWear®.

Contact SFMedical: info@sfmedical.dk

Skodsborg Fysioterapi

Skodsborg Fysioterapi is one of Denmark’s largest clinics with unique location in Kurhotel Skodsborg, with the sea and the forest as a neighbor. The clinic has existed since 1992 and is owned by physiotherapist Jan Ove Myklebust, who himself graduated from Skodsborg Physiotherapy School.

The clinic has 25 experienced and professionally diverse physiotherapists under the same roof, of which 5 are certified BalanceWear® physiotherapists. We focus on a whole treatment based on the latest knowledge and evidence in the various treatment methods. Our goal is to provide you with the right treatment and thus promote your quality of life!

Contact Skodsborg Fysioterapi: info@skodsborgfysioterapi.dk

Want to know more about Skodsborg Fysioterapi, see: www.skodsborgfysioterapi.dk


Skodsborg fysioterapi